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He would be very sad, so i dont think you would want to do that!
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 ReportSoft launch
It's that time of the year again where I get the sudden urge to start writing blogs. So here's a soft launch of the (hopefully) regular blogs to come. Although no one's probably gonna read it, the plan is to give y'all some tips and inspiration in your day to day life. Maybe there will be some personal blogs if I ever get a life.

We'll see - for now I have a two part blog planned on things you need to know before getting a pet! And if I have the energy, I might bring back the "Wondrous Creatures" series as well. 

To soft launch this autumn blogging era I'll simply share some of my current favourite songs that I have playing on repeat. Click the pics or scan the codes to listen!


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Fujiwara wrote on 16-11 20:08:
Fujiwara wrote:
i cant wait to read ur blogs 
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Teabag wrote on 16-11 13:39:
Teabag wrote:
Veri much enjoyed this
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Octocat wrote on 15-11 21:28:
Octocat wrote:
It's that time of the year..