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Because I don't feel like I have anyone to talk about it with I'll just put it here I guess. I keep thinking about the concert I was on in June together with my mother, and the fact that even days before going we were both like is there even a point in doing it as it is such a hassle to get to √Ölesund because who the fuck picks √Ölesund as a place to do anything, it's ridiculous and quite frankly outrageous. √Ölesund is impressively far away from everything, the same applies to the entirety of M√łre og Romsdal, even within the county everything is far away. But in the end we were able to get there, the biggest issue was figuring out how to get back because the plane tickets from √Ölesund and back were insanely expensive so you might as well, in my opinion, walk because it's simply not worth it when it takes like two weeks to walk. I guess it's just me being greedy...¬†
We ended up taking the bus to Kristiansund at it took 4 hours I think, and I'm honestly still baffled my mother insisted we travelled via Kristiansund rather than changing bus in Molde and going back "home" to Trondheim the same day which would've been roughly 7-8 hours via bus but I'd prefer it over the unnecessary night in Kristiansund where she inevitably decided she wanted to drink a lot and probably spend an unholy amount of money on alcohol. I had no interest in sitting with her while she was drinking so I decided to just go to the hotel room and rest instead. When I went to the room I told her that in my opinion she should be back to the hotel room by midnight but she didn't come until 3 am which was annoying but I had already gone to bed being like it's actually not my problem if she fucks up or is super drunk because I'm not going to babysit someone who is almost double my age, it's not my problem. Anyway that wasn't what I was interested in sharing anyway. It's supposed to be about the concert. 
Somehow it was not raining which has to be rare for everything in Norway except √ėstlandet and S√łrlandet and everyone from those areas, living in those areas etc. can honestly just shut up because your experience of Norway is not the same as the rest of Norway. In fact, it was sunny so I guess that's lucky for the bands who performed, and also, obviously, the audience. Outdoor concerts in Norway feel so risky, really, but I suppose it's applicable to many other areas of the world where the weather is unstable and generally with rain.¬†
It was quite obvious that a lot of the people who attended the concert had less than zero interest in the bands who were performing, not that I can be super judgemental over that as I told my mother I would rather sleep and miss the first of the two like supporting bands or whatever the English term for it is, because I had never heard of them and the previous two Green Day concerts I've been at has been like the first performing band or group has been absolutely fucking shit, especially Kaiser Chiefs which to this day remains one of the worst experiences of my life with the horrible Ruby song that haunts me like some kind of disease that you never fully recover from. So instead of coming when the doors opened we came like 2ish hours later, but still had to wait and I overheard that the first band had cancelled but I wasn't able to hear if the people talked about why. But considering that they weren't able to sell merchandise because of delivering issues it might be ish related although I'm unsure how it would be. It was important to me to actually see the other act that performed before Green Day because I probably listen more frequently to Weezer than Green Day. And that's pretty much what I wanted to talk about, the Weezer part of the concert because although they weren't the headliners that part was by far the most enjoyable.
Why it was the most enjoyable part for me isn't extremely obvious, although I've probably figured it out by the end of this wall of text. First and foremost, as already stated, I listen to their music. Not all of it, but a selection of the songs. Obviously they are quite aware of which songs are the most well-liked among their fans, if I may consider myself one without listening to every single thing they've ever done, so all of those songs were performed. Secondly, because they performed earlier in the evening, the dreadful Norwegian audience hadn't yet managed to be beyond shitfaced so the vibe of everything was still calm and I could sit on the ground and see the band on stage without any issue and without being afraid of being stepped on or receive an unwanted shower of some kind of lukewarm alcoholic liquid. I'm disappointed that the audience only cared when Weezer performed the songs they cover, and it peeved me that they were the most excited over some lame fucking Metallica song. Who the fuck listens to Metallica? It's absolute fucking trash, objectively, it's not even debatable. 
I'm thankful for having seen Weezer live, I'd probably also go if they had been the headlining band because the songs I like of them I really really like. 
Green Day was fine but I've already seen them twice before and I'm not that much of a concert person I don't like people getting too physically close to me, I don't like the alcohol, I don't like the obnoxious behaviour people have. Very unenjoyable and upsetting. I do like seeing bands live though, it's certainly different from listening to the album. I do however use those earplug things as protection, which to some degree removes the background buzzing of the audience talking and generally being there, and it makes the sound softer so it isn't as piercing. I don't understand why my mother refuses to use earplugs, but I guess old people love getting deaf faster than necessary. 
Okay that was all for now. I'll publish this rambling just because why not. 

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Private wrote on 04-04 21:37:
Wug wrote:
Spookyjimchristmas wrote:
you write like ur a main character in a young adult novel its so fun
very sad
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Spookyjimchristmas wrote on 03-04 11:30:
Spookyjimchristmas wrote:
you write like ur a main character in a young adult novel its so fun
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Private wrote on 02-04 19:54:
Xbabyspiderz wrote:
hi yes im lurking and i read all of this bc didnt have anything better to do (insert sociopath kissy lips emoji with peace sign hand emoji next to it)

this was so amusing to read though. laughed several times bc i thought ur thought process was relateable and also very on point written